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Articles, Blogs, & Latest News

Translating buzzwords: RPA

RPA is the name given to a technology, not to a particular product. As such, it’s important to realise that just as with any technology, not all products are created equally.  It’s also important to understand that because RPA is an emerging technology, people are not necessarily using the term ‘RPA’ exactly same way.  What one person means when talking about Robotic Processing may well be different to what another person hears, because to each of them RPA means something different.

Translating buzzwords: Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is not just a technology shift and nor is it solely about process automation. As Redhat correctly points out, it isn’t something that you buy. It’s a cultural shift in the way a company operates and in the way it engages its customers. It’s a new mindset demanding high levels of customer empathy, a focus on both staff and customer experiences, and a certain technological prowess. But more importantly, Digital Transformation is a journey, not a destination. Afterall, “transformation” is a word used to describe the process of changing, not one used to describe a post-change result.

Don’t choose a product before you understand the process

As I sat down this morning sipping my coffee, I gave my LinkedIn feed its usual skim to see if anything grabbed my attention and a particular blog did, although it was probably for the wrong reason.  I confess that my mind wasn’t focused on the task as I was already starting to think ahead […]

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