Robotic Process Automation


UpFlow Solutions can help you use RPA technology to achieve any of your digital transformation objectives. Whether you want to have your users guide attended Bots through complex work processes or harness the power of unattended, cloud deployed Bots, we have you covered.

Attended Bots
In the RPA world, unattended bots get all the attention. They are the dependable workhorses, the heroes of batch processing, the bots that do the heavy lifting. However, attended bots are no less important to the people whom rely on them every day. In fact, the more intimately attended bots are weaved into a worker’s processes, the more important they become.

KnowledgeLake’s attended bot technology proudly serving the needs of tens of thousands of users every day, and handling millions of transaction a month. Frequent and tedious transactions like re-keying search data into multiple applications to get a 360 degree view of a customer, typing phone numbers into diallers, cutting and pasting data from one application to other applications or generating emails that contain application screen data, are just a few examples of the kinds of time consuming and error prone transactions KnowledgeLake RPA effortlessly performs on behalf of workers.

What’s This Magic Button Thing All About?
KnowledgeLake RPA watches everything you do on your desktop. When you navigate to a screen you’ve explicitly told KnowledgeLake RPA to get involved with, it automatically reads the data contained within, and places the KnowledgeLake RPA Magic Button in the application’s title bar. When you click the magic button, you’re presented with a list of automations that can be performed from that screen using the data contained within as inputs. For example, let’s say you’re working in a Document Management application and you want KnowledgeLake RPA to pass the Invoice details that have been approved to the Finance system. When you navigate to a approved invoice, KnowledgeLake RPA reads the Invoice details relating to the document and places the magic button in the title bar. When you click the magic button, one of the automations presented in the drop down will be the one that passes the Invoice information to the Finance system without the need for data entry.

Unattended Bots
Attended bots are great for increasing an individual worker’s productivity. However, when the task at hand requires batch-oriented, high-volume processing and demands enterprise class scalability, logging and security, it’s time to deploy KnowledgeLake Cloud RPA. Cloud RPA is KnowledgeLake’s unattended bot technology that allows you to create and deploy automations on dedicated virtual machines or servers with all job creation, submission and production monitoring, centralized in the cloud for easy access from any device.

Cloud RPA is the tool of choice if you are looking to automate processes such as:

  • Batch AP data entry (bills, purchase orders, invoices)
  • Medical record creation and updates
  • Employee on-boarding
  • New customer creation and provisioning

Built on the same bot technology that powers KnowledgeLake Desktop RPA, Cloud RPA allows you to create as simple or as complex an automation needed to get the job done. The big difference is that Cloud RPA automations do not run on a workers desktop, nor triggered by a user clicking the Magic Button in an application. Rather, Cloud RPA bots, running on dedicated virtual machines or servers, are activated by non-user initiated tasks normally associated with batch-oriented processes such as; a job scheduler or timer, the presence of a data file (csv, xls, xml), in a drop folder, a web service call, email, text, or some other custom event.

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